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Innova Star INNVision Wraith

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Full Color Disc - InnVision Wraith - Star Distance Driver

Here’s one specter that’s not shrouded in the dark of night. Packed with stand-out color our InnVision Wraith combines comic book caliber illustrations with the best grip yet from a full color disc.

How this batch of InnVision Star Wraith feels: Noticeable dome. Poppy. InnVision color design feels like it’s barely there. You can already hear the pins shaking in fear.

More about the InnVision Process: InnVision is the next evolution in full color disc design. With it, you get incredible detail and vivid colors, but without the unwanted texture left behind by other disc coloring processes. Pigeonholed as collector discs in the past, full color discs can now be your go-to disc on the course thanks to the InnVision color process.

More about the Wraith disc: The Wraith is a long, stable distance driver with speed, glide, and accuracy. Released in 2005, the Wraith has not diminished in popularity. If anything, it has gotten more popular since it is so useful to so many skill levels.

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