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Discmania S-Line PD2

Kaina:22,90 €
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A PD2 is a tool, a weapon, an ally, an enemy. It’s a force to be reckoned with, powering down fairways and slicing through windy elements with ease. Created with more advanced to expert players in mind, these powerful discs are made to withstand tremendous amounts of snap and arm speed in order to get it to peak performance.

Players of all calibers do enjoy this disc, though. You’ll find it especially handy for windy situations, forehand, overhand, and extremely reliable backhand hyzer shots. We don’t recommend this disc if you’re buying your first product to learn to play but other than that, we recommend all players carry something like this in their bags.

Back in the day, the introduction of the PD2 catapulted reliability on the highest level to an all new tier and that's what the PD2 can offer to your game as well. While certainly a model designed for top-level Pro players, the wind-fighting capabilities of the PD2 offer a lot of benefit to many skill levels. If you don't have the biggest arm out there, this likely isn't a disc you need often, but it's one of those types of discs that when you need it, you REALLY need it.

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